Wednesday, March 25, 2009

You can't read me......

Some people may have read the title and stopped.
Funny thing...That's what many people do with books.
I am not a regular blogger. I take time to make sure that I bring substance to you all. From the title to the outro it should come FULL CIRCLE. (You might have to read it twice. You actually might have to read it again in a year)

So many people know me, but few people KNOW ME.

"I realize that in order to make it BIG...
You can't use SMALL MEDIUMS."
-Chris Teel, lol

So here is a blog
Connected to a networking site
In the form of a poem......I may even do a video.
Into the underground life
Sub way
Party, he'll come with chips
Get dip, some lays...

The hero from the bodega
Never without beef
Quit school. Quiz No
Without a doubt, cheese...

Watching out for that...
Undercover cop
In a...
Blue Magic, New Jersey

Or else he will have to play on words.....
Like I'm doing.
I'm looking out. Because if my PEOPLE do time...
I'm ruined.

He thinks TIME is MONEY
Lmmfao!!!! So do most people....

Read more. IF YOU WILL!!!